This weeks reminders:

September 9-13


  • Please make sure you are signing planners each night.
  • Fall pictures will be September 19th (more information to follow)
  • We are now really getting into our routines, which means that during our day I expect Champ behavior from each kiddo!  I know they can do it since they have shown me they can!  With that being said, I will be signing planners more now if behavior is not “CHAMP” behavior especially during rug time and center time.
  • As you have notice, the spelling test is a little different than a formal spelling test.  We formally test the 4 spelling words each week along with the ability to use those words in a sentence.  We also apply the phonics pattern that we use during class.  On the blog, I will tell you what the phonics skill each week is.  If you would like to practice that skill at home you can.  (for example : if we are working on -an, -it, or -ug spelling patterns; you and your kiddo can generate words that have that spelling pattern ; ex: fit, bit,  tug, )

This Week: 

  • Spelling Words:  it, he, for, was
  • Spelling Pattern: CVC words using the patterns: -an, -am, -ed, -en, -in, -it, -og, -ot
  • Math: Subtraction within 10.
  • Reading: How characters feel and change during a story as well as making connections to characters in the stories we read.  Stories of the week: The magic Rabbit, Chester’s Way, Zoom in and Out, Poem: Frog on a Log
  • Writing: Using Correct sentence structure: Finger spacing, capital letters, punctuation
  • Science: Living/Nonliving

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